Viking of the Month

Our tribe of loyal legions span across the globe. We sat down with Mr. Phillip Torres of NYC to learn more about his love of beer and conquests.

You are quite the beer enthusiast! When did your passion for beer begin? 

My passion began when I was young, maybe 20 years ago. Born in NYC, I had the privilege of being surrounded by great beer halls and taverns with large selections of imported beers. I never liked the domestic options as they lacked flavor, complexity and character. I was wanting beers that could be enjoyed alone or with a great meal or in great company. I’ve always thought that a good beer should taste good not only ice cold but at room temperature. 

We saw that you have furry friends. Tell us about them. 

My pup’s Marley Ray, an Australian Shepherd that has energy for days. Always sporting a big smile. Would drink my beer if I let my guard down. Kai, our cat, is our little killer. She is a rescued street cat that we found in the gutter and keeps me entertained with his antics. He thinks he’s a great hunter but he is really not.  

When was the first time you tried Einstök? 

I’d say a two or three years ago when I came across a can of the toasted porter at a local beer and wine shop in Florida. Pubs and Taverns are in short supply in central Florida. At the local shop I came across Einstok and loved the White Ale and Toasted Porter. It was a bonus when I found that both are served at Disney’s EPCOT Norway Pavilion. 

Aside from beer, what else are you most passionate about? 

I love going to the gym or playing outdoor sports to keep the mind and body young and the blood flowing. I also enjoy a good bourbon.

Tell us about your most memorable conquest. 

My woman. She keeps me humble and centered. We met in high school 23 years ago and life took us through different paths but 10 years later, our paths crossed again and I didn’t let time or circumstance get in the way of what I knew was meant to be. I will never let her go. 

You can follow Phillip and his adventures on Instagram: @phillip.t.nyc

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