Arrr Congratulations to our Highest selling Independent Retailer of 2019 – Blackbeard’s!

We sailed over to sit down with the owner of our favorite independent craft beer store, Shayan P. of Blackbeard’s Crafts in West Los Angeles, CA to learn more about his passion of selling beer.

Tell us about yourself. What made you want to open your own beer and wine shop?

I initially wanted to support my mom when my brother passed. When it came to opening up my own business, I wanted to do something fun since there were so many changes happening in the beer industry.

What was the inspiration behind the pirate theme?

Well, the owner Blackbeards himself is a pirate so the theme just naturally followed. Plus, everyone loves pirates!

Blackbeard’s has a reputation for excellent service. Tell us about the experience you like to provide for your customers.

It’s just that, it’s an experience. My biggest thing is I don’t want people to feel intimidated or overwhelmed when they walk into a beer store. I want to provide an experience that is not only fun, but also different from what they are used to.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

The customers, hands down. I enjoy turning people on to their new favorite beers that they otherwise would may have never tried not having stepped foot into Blackbeard’s. It’s a big deal when customers turn to you and trust your taste.

What do customers love most about Einstök?

They love the fact that it’s brewed in Iceland! You can truly taste the quality of water and ingredients with each sip you take.

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