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A View From Iceland

Our award-winning Einstök beer is brewed in the city of Akureyri, located in Northern Iceland. Surrounded by snowy mountains and the cold sea, our brewery is in the perfect location for chasing breathtaking views and conquering great adventures. Today, we invite you to take a closer look at the world that inspires us to create the best Icelandic beer.


Inspired by the crisp, clean, and cold world around us, we set forth to create the world’s best Icelandic beer, with quality ingredients being our primary focus. We are fortunate enough to be so close to the Arctic Circle, where the purest water on Earth can be found.

We invite you to get a better look at where our Einstök beer comes from. Along with the beautiful Icelandic landscape, this camera shows how our brewery operates from the outside. If you’re lucky, you might even see our Einstök beer leaving the brewery in real-time!


At Einstök, we are always seeking new adventures, and we have our beautiful country to thank for that. Chasing waterfalls, hiking glaciers, and hunting for Northern Lights are just a few unique adventures we have embarked on that have inspired us to create the highest quality beer you have ever tasted.

The other side of our brewery is shown in this camera view, along with the city of Akureyri and the Hlíðarfjall mountains. The surrounding mountains are the single source of our crisp and clean Icelandic water, and we are lucky to have the purest water on Earth in our backyard.

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Chasing waterfalls is always better with Einstök 😎🍻

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Vikings, Happy International Beer Day! In honor of today’s day, we wanted to share a few fun facts about us:

🍻 We are distributed in 22 states and over 20 countries in the world!
⚔️ We are found in major retailers, such as Total Wine & More, BevMo!, Trader Joe's, Cost Plus World Market, Whole Foods, Publix, and ABC Fine Wine & Spirits!
💪 We have proven to be a pandemic-proof business - we increased our chain sales by 38% over 2019!
🤩 We have won numerous awards in prestige beer competitions - gold, silver, and bronze!

Today, we celebrate BEER. So, head over to our Ale Locator on our website to find Einstök near you and conquer today. Skál!

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The road is yours to conquer your next adventure. ⚔️

Vikings, have you ever taken a roadtrip around Iceland?

📸: @wheniniceland

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Vikings, we are extremely grateful and proud to say that we have raised over $500,000 on our Start Engine campaign! This is a huge milestone for us, and we want to thank our loyal Vikings who have invested in and supported our campaign so far!

Vikings, head over to the link in our bio to learn more about our campaign & become an investor today! Skál 🍻

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Embarking on adventures can be tough in the summer heat. Reach for our ice-cold #ArcticLager and #WeeHeavy to help you stay refreshed on your conquests all summer long!

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Water is the most essential ingredient in the brewing process, and we are lucky to have some of the purest water on Earth in our backyard!

With high-quality ingredients as our primary focus, our water comes straight from the Hlíðarfjall Mountain, which surrounds our brewery in Akureyri. It’s the source of our crisp and clean Icelandic water!

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Summer adventures are better with our #WhiteAle by your side 😎 ...

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Vikings, we know conquering the summer may get tiring. That's why we invite you to gather your loyal legions and take a break from your summer adventures at our Einstök Bar in Reykjavík!

Experience relaxing summer days at our bar by indulging in your favorite Einstök beers & planning your next adventures. Skál!

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Award Winning Ale

Gold Medal

GOLD recipient at ™ the Los Angeles International Beer Competition 2015

Silver Medal

Meiningers International Craft Beer Award Silber 2015

Silver Medal

Silver recipient at ™ The International Beer Challenge London 2014

Silver Medal

Silver at ™ NY International Beer Competition 2018

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White Ale Cap

One of the World’s
Best White Ales.


Dry-Hopped with Citra
and Citra Cryo Hops.


Pale Ale Cap

Triple-Hopped for
Flavor and Balance.


Toasted Porter Cap

Don’t Be Afraid
of the Dark.



Scotch Ale with
Smoked Icelandic Barley.



Arctic Berry Cap

Summer Ale with
Hand-Picked Bilberries.



Juniper Berries and
a Dash of Lime.



Dopplebock Cap

A Celebration Beer
for the Holidays.



Winter Ale Cap

Brewed with
Hand-Cut Spruce Tips.