A Special Congrats to our Contest Winner!

Upon the gathering of our creative Vikings, a noble legion by the name of Adam Carini amazed us with his one of a kind design and won our spring merch t-shirt contest. We sat down with Adam to learn more about him and where he draws inspiration from.

When did you first get into graphic design? 

It all started with my grandfather, he was a beyond talented artist and my greatest inspiration. Growing up, I learned how to draw from him and decided to take it further by going to school for graphic design. From there, I began to create posters for local band nights, which eventually turned into doing art for music events across the globe.

Aside from graphic design, what are some of your favorite hobbies? 

I absolutely love cooking, some people would say I’m being modest, but I make a pretty damn good steak. Chopping wood and hanging around a fire with beer is definitely up there, alongside Axe Throwing. Going to metal shows. DIY projects like studding and patching new metal vests. I also used to make Viking Shields. I have been into everything Viking related as far back as I can remember, it’s just always been part of who I am, definitely how I found Einstok.

What was the inspiration behind the logo you created?

A lot of the artwork I do has an 80’s Retro aesthetic, which ties into a lot of my clientele who consist of producers and promoters of a music scene called Synthwave (a genre of electronic music inspired by 80’s soundtracks and video games). So I tied together my two favorite things, Vikings and 80’s aesthetic. It was also partially inspired by the design made for your Arctic Berry Ale, which has always been my favorite beer of all time.

Tell us about some of your favorite conquests. 

My favorite conquests would be winning this contest, creating the art for every monthly Synthwave event in America, creating beer labels for local and non local breweries and loosing 100 pounds of weight.

You can follow Adam on Instagram @graphicmercenary and purchase his t-shirt here.

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