Valkyrie of the Month

What would a group of legions be without the tenacious valkyries? Our Valkyrie of the month, Robyn Bossons is a beer connoisseur who loves embarking on new treks. Read about her story below:

It looks like you are very passionate about beer. What made you want to start your own blog? 

I was chatting with some of my coworkers at lunch about food bloggers on Instagram and I thought hey, I could do that with beer! At the time, I didn’t realize how large the beer community on Instagram was. I thought it would just be a fun thing for my friends to follow, I had no idea that it would provide me with so many opportunities and connect me with so many fellow beer lovers from around the world!

We saw that your sister brought you Einstok as a gift from Iceland. What did you think? 

I was so stoked! One of my favourite parts about travelling is trying local breweries. Since I wasn’t on that trip with my sister, this was the next best thing. A very thoughtful gift, especially since Einstok isn’t available in my area (yet). She gifted me both the Icelandic Toasted Porter and the Icelandic White Ale. I was super impressed with both – I can’t wait to get my hands on more. 

Tell us about some of your favorite conquests. 
I’ve had my fair share of conquests, as I have been lucky enough to travel to 40 countries by the age of 24. My most recent adventure was to Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia back in August. Though beer definitely was not a focus of this trip, it took me to some of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. One of my favorite beer-related conquests was visiting the Švyturys Brewery in Klaipeda, Lithuania. This is the most historic brewery I have ever visited – they have been brewing since 1784! They have a beautiful tasting room in the old town of Klaipeda.
I’m thinking Iceland should be next on my list!

From your point of view, what does it mean to “conquer?” 

Getting out of your comfort zone and spending as much time exploring as possible.

You can follow Robyn on her adventures on Instagram.

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