A Happy Einstök Valentine’s Day!

Love is in the winter air this Valentine’s Day, and what better time to announce a lovely engagement between two lovestruck Vikings? We sat down with the newly engaged Mia and discussed all things romance and adventure.

How did the two of you meet? 

Erik and I met each other on the internet and instantly clicked through our commonality of Scandinavian heritage. Erik being Danish and me being Norwegian.

A modern Viking love story. We would love to know more about the proposal!

Erik proposed to me on January 12, 2020 at the campsite that we made together exactly one year to the date. He placed the ring in the viewfinder of my Mamiya 645 film camera at the base of the big pine tree that shelters the campground. Luckily Erik’s sister was present to beautifully capture the moments before, enjoying the simplicities of our place, during and after, soaking in the thoughts of forever.

How romantic! Tell us about the conquests you have been on together. 

Erik and I can never seem to get enough travel in us, and covered 14 states in our first year together. From a family home on the ocean in Maine to a tiny German town in Georgia, we love every experience we can find.

That’s a lot of trekking! Tell us about the first time you had Einstök. 

The first time I enjoyed Einstok was in a small pub in Vik Iceland in 2017 after a week of traveling the ring road with family and friends. Erik had his first Einstok in 2018 at a bar in Santa Barbara, CA while attending a wedding. We enjoyed our first Einstok together our first night together at our campsite over a fire roasting beer brats.

It’s like Einstök brought you together! Aside from the upcoming wedding, what new adventures do the two of you have in store for the future? 

With a wedding coming in September 2021 comes a honeymoon 🙂 We are excited to be planning our most extravagant adventure yet of a tour through our Scandinavian heritage covering Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland of course. We plan on exploring more of the United States camping in a 4Runner with our two dogs. This is just the beginning, and we hope our adventures never end.

You can follow Mia and Erik on their adventures on Instagram @gnarley_whales @a.2.muller

Photo by @chrissymullerphoto