Viking of the Year

Looking back at all of our conquests and highlights this past decade, the most honorable lie within the support of our fellow Vikings. Our most loyal legion is a Viking based out of Costa Mesa, California, Scott Line. We sat down with Scott and asked him a few questions about himself and his quests over the past lap around the midnight sun.

What does being a Viking mean to you? 

To me, being a Viking symbolizes both personal strength and independence, and of course getting in touch with my ancient Germanic tribal roots and heritage. The Vikings were innovators in the medieval era, both brave, fearless and not afraid to try new things. I love to bring that spirit into my artwork and what I do working with Disney Imagineers. Vikings were also able to survive and call home in harsh lands where the temperatures are freezing, and half of the year it is completely dark all day. They are survivors. It also helps me mentally be a good and strong husband to my wife, with a pinch of mischievousness and fun in life. Honestly, why be like everyone else out there when you can be a “Viking”? 

When did you start Backyard Viking?

I started BYV last year after my passion for axe throwing began to snowball, it needed its own home on Instagram. I got interested in axe throwing and Viking culture when I proposed to my (now wife) in Iceland, and that same night we went to the Harpa theatre to watch the Viking Sagas. The way I see it, every day we are creating Sagas of our own.  It also has been a therapeutic outlet for me to be creative, and blow off some steam from past traumas and the every day life of being a 3D Artist who sits in front of a computer all day. Axes as an alternative to therapy has been working great for me. It brings me joy that every day I get to go home on my lunch break and destroy things, and I come back to work full of energy and passion! 

Tell us about your first experience tasting Einstök. What made you a fan?

Had it in Iceland, was my favorite…and it is STILL the only Icelandic beer I can find here in the states so it is definitely my favorite! I also enjoy that you guys brew your beer using glacier water, because I got to go visit the glacier park in Iceland. This year I am hoping to learn to brew beer on my own, and I can only dream of it tasting as good as the Arctic Pale Ale!

What adventures and treks do you have planned for 2020? 

Hoping to do some more traveling, but no definitive plans yet because we just had our wedding in July but hoping to “start a family”, which I suppose is life’s greatest adventure, right? I’ll surely be up in the mountains this winter enjoying the snow. 

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