The Need to Trek Far is No Longer – Einstök is Now Available in Austin and Houston

Einstök Beer Company announced an expansion of its distribution footprint with the addition of the Austin and Harris County  (Houston) markets as a result of the recent consolidation of distributors Hops & Vines and Ambiente Wine. Already available in the Dallas market, this merger will further expand Einstök’s Texas footprint into several new Whole Foods Markets, HEB Markets, Total Wine & More locations, as well as Trader Joe’s stores in Houston, Austin, and adjacent counties.

“Einstök is brewed with naturally pure Icelandic glacier water that helps create beers that are special and unique.” said David Altshuler, an Einstök Founder, and CEO. “This merger allows the residents of Austin and Houston to experience Iceland in every Einstok beer they drink.”

Tristan Maldonado, CEO of Hops and Vines Distributing added, “We are very excited to continue our commitment to craft breweries and expand their market presence. Einstok has demonstrated quality, consistency and remarkable support to put great Icelandic beer into Texans’ hands.”

The expansion of Einstök’s U.S. and global distribution continues to grow at a steady pace. Based on data from Statistics Iceland, Einstök is the largest exporter of alcoholic beverages from Iceland.

At present, Einstök brews Icelandic White Ale, Icelandic Arctic Pale Ale, Icelandic Toasted Porter, Icelandic Wee Heavy and three seasonal brews: Icelandic Arctic Berry Ale, Icelandic Doppelbock and Icelandic Winter Ale. Along with the US and its home country Iceland, Einstök is now available in 24 countries, inclusive of the British Isles, most of Europe, China and South Korea. Visit the Ale Locator at www.einstokbeer.com and follow Einstök on Instagram (@einstok), Twitter (@einstokbeer), and Facebook at www.facebook.com/Einstok. Drink. Conquer. Repeat.