Icelandic Winter Ale

Seasonal Winter Brew

Do you celebrate or fear winter? In Iceland we celebrate with limited-edition winter ale. One sip of our seasonal craft beer will inspire you to face the elements. Hand-cut and cured spruce tips create a smoky pine and whisky flavor not for the faint of heart. This drink is to be earned.

This is no beach beer, you’ll find no fruit garnish, no insipid sour. The full-bodied flavor, eternal warmth, and soul-cleansing satisfaction that comes from an Icelandic Winter Ale is meant only for those who have braved the cold of night. If you have yet to embrace your Viking spirit then this is not a drink for you.

Ask yourself: Am I worthy?

If the answer is yes, then reach for our limited-edition seasonal craft beer. It pairs perfectly with that smoked leg of lamb or saddle of pork. The smokey pine and whisky undertones compliment dark chocolate on cold nights, warming your soul and igniting your spirit. It’s a taste that promises new beginnings and inspires courage, and it won’t be around for long.



Key Ingredients

Smoked Icelandic barley, pale ale malt, crystal malt, chocolate malt, Bavarian hops, Icelandic spruce tips

Available in


Food Pairings

Smoked leg of lamb, smoked saddle of pork. Traditional dishes like Þorramatur, Sviðahausar, Hrútspungar and Lundabaggar. Dark chocolate. Cold nights. New beginnings.

Tasting Notes

Ask yourself: Am I worthy? This smoky pine and whisky flavor is not for the faint-hearted. It is to be earned. A reward for braving a cold night or a broken heart. For a quest completed or defeat endured. This is no beach beer, no fruit garnish, no insipid sour. Just full-bodied flavor, eternal warmth and soul-cleansing satisfaction.

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This is the seasonal craft beer of a Viking Warrior. Meant for the one who loves the bite of the air and the bone chill of winter. It is for those who have endured broken hearts and have broken a few of their own. This is not your everyday craft beer. It is meant only for the strong. Drink responsibly.

Where can you get Einstök?

Use the Ale Locator to find all of our brews near you. Once you’ve taken a sip share your thoughts and adventures at info@einstokbeer.com or tag us across social media. We want to see your Viking spirit!

Show us you are worthy of our Winter Ale while it’s still available in a store near you.

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