White Ale

Using the highest quality ingredients – pure Icelandic water, a touch of oats, hints of orange and coriander – and a centuries-old brewing method, we crafted what we believe to be the best of all white ale craft beer. Fill up your glass and decide for yourself if this white ale rose to the occasion. 

Our Icelandic White Ale features the complex flavors of the classic Belgian Witbier, spiced with traditional orange peel and coriander, all brewed with pure Icelandic water to produce a brew that is flavorful and refreshingly drinkable. While most white ales are thought of as a summer choice, ours is just as great in the cold of winter as on a hot summer day. What makes our white ale different is the perfect balance of traditional ingredients with pristine Icelandic glacier water. We took our time perfecting the recipe and have been rewarded with awards and legions of fans worldwide.



Key Ingredients

Wheat malt, pilsner malt, oats, Bavarian noble hops, coriander, and orange peel.

Available in

Can  Keg

Food Pairings

The crisp, citrus, and spice notes are the perfect complement to seafood, poultry, vegetarian dishes, tapas, Asian foods, as well as spicy food, including Mexican, Indian and Thai.

Tasting Notes

A clean and crisp start with a smooth mouthfeel thanks to the oats, citrus, and spice round out a refreshing finish.


What Others Are Saying About Einstök White Ale

Vine Pair ranked us as one of the top seven best white ales, saying it’s “good year-round and plays well with food.” Reviewers at Total Wine & More have rated this brew with “a fresh, crisp, full taste that comes with a smooth, clean finish. You’ll notice a hint of orange at the end that pairs nicely with dishes from around the world, seafood, poultry, and vegetarian.”

Gold Medal

Double Gold at ™ NY International Beer Competition 2018

Silver Medal

Silver recipient at ™ The International Beer Challenge London 2014

Gold Medal

GOLD recipient at ™ the Los Angeles Commercial Beer Competition 2013

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Where Can I Get Einstök?

Use our Ale Locator to find all of our Einstök beers near you. Once you’ve taken a sip, let us know your thoughts at info@einstokbeer.com or tag us across social media @einstok. Show us your adventures!

The next time you are in the Arctic Circle, visit our Brewers Lounge in Akureyri and our Einstök Bar in Reykjavík to sample our award-winning beers exclusively. Drink. Conquer. Repeat.