Einstok Icelandic Wee Heavy

Icelandic Wee Heavy Scottish Ale

Surrender your taste buds to our Icelandic Wee Heavy. A Scottish Ale brewed with locally farmed and smoked barley and spiced with native Icelandic angelica. Over a thousand years ago the Vikings invaded Scotland, now with a creamy head and a sweet malt aroma they are returning to conquer your tongue with caramel notes and a savory smoke.

What is Angelica?

Angelica is considered a holy plant. It grows hearty, strong, and cold resistant in Iceland. Legend has it that a monk in England, during the 17th century when the country was riddled with plague, was visited by an angel who told him angelica would relieve the people’s suffering. When the Vikings began trade expeditions to Europe, they brought along dried angelica for currency. To learn more about this native Icelandic plant visit Nordgen.org and Agricultural plants in the Viking Age.

This isn’t the only locally farmed ingredient you’ll find in this rich sweet drink. We use only the best locally farmed barley that is smoked to perfection.

Einstok Icelandic Wee Heavy



Key Ingredients

Smoked Icelandic barley, pale ale malt, crystal malt, chocolate malt, Bavarian hops, Icelandic angelica root.

Available in

Cans Coming Soon Bottle Keg

Food Pairings

Perfect with grilled or roasted lamb, beef, and pork; smoked salmon, and aged or smoked cheeses. Transition to bread pudding, anything with chocolate and creamy fruit offerings. Or simply enjoy with a cigar and count your blessings.

Tasting Notes

You are greeted by the rich color, creamy head, a sweet malt aroma and a hint of the smokiness delivered by the birch. The malty richness and caramel notes hit the tongue, with savory smoke coming later.

Silver Medal

Bronze at ™ NY International Beer Competition 2018

Silver Medal

 Silver Medal at ™ Meiningers International Craft Beer Award 2017

Silver Medal

 Silver Class recipient at ™ World Beer Idol 2017

Excellence Award

93 Rating from The Bros at ™ Beer Advocate (December 2016)

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What Others are Saying About Einstök Icelandic Wee Heavy

A reviewer from BeerAdvocate.com stated, “With the smoked Icelandic barley and angelica, this Wee Heavy has taken more risks than your standard, off-the-shelf Scotch Ale. And it pays off in spades, deliciously. I will crave this.” Others were pleasantly pleased by the twist on a classic Scottish-style and are looking forward to reaching for another. The big debate seems to be whether to drink it ice cold for a crisp clean taste or let it warm to cellar temp for a fuller, richer experience.

Difford’s Guide gave the Wee Heavy four and a half stars stating it is “rich but balanced.” Of course, the best way to know if this Scottish Ale holds up is to try one for yourself.

Where can you get Einstök?

Use the Ale Locator to find all of our brews near you. Once you’ve taken a sip we’d love to hear your thoughts at info@einstokbeer.com or tag us across social media. The next time you are in the Arctic Circle drop by the Brewers Lounge to sample our award winning beers. Drink. Conquer. Repeat.