Icelandic Toasted Porter

Icelandic Toasted Porter

With notes of coffee and dark chocolate, this Porter is roasty and rich, with a robust, yet smooth body. Toasted malts give it a sinister black color, but its crisp taste will have you believing that there’s no more need to be afraid of the dark.

Lager malt, munich malt, chocolate malt, bavarian hops, with the slight addition of authentic icelandic roasted coffee.

ABV: 6.0%

Tasting notes:

Smooth, roasty with some chocolate, toffee and licorice notes.

Food pairings: 
With clear notes of toffee and dark chocolate, this Porter is roasty and rich, yet smooth on the palate, so it pairs perfectly with short ribs, roasts, prime rib, steaks and game. It also serves as a wonderful base for sauces and marinades and can finish the night off alongside cake, ice cream, dark chocolate and cigars.

NOTE:  All Einstök beers are 100% vegan, with no GMOs.

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